mail 365

Where you can purchase your e-mail reports

mail 365

Where you can purchase your e-mail reports

Russell West May 7, 2020

I explain, below, the most effective mail365 companies where you can stimulate a message hosting solution, showing for each the primary features of the ongoing service offered, costs, talents and weaknesses.

  • CoreTech – provides enterprise- class cloud email solutions ;
  • QBoxMail – offers an exceptionally advanced and cloud that is complete for handling e-mail reports;
  • Aruba – offers different cheap email hosting solutions to those looking for a straightforward and way that is inexpensive activate email reports with individualized domain;
  • VHosting – offers not a mail that is simple na a real outsourced mail server offers coupons
  • Keliweb – provides email that is several packages aided by the risk of activating limitless mailboxes.
  • CoreTech

Expert e-mail reports from CoreTech

Today CoreTech , a company specializing in the provision of cloud best email hosting services, offers enterprise- level e-mail solutions that are among the most advanced available on the market. The proposal is divided into two different services among that the customer can select in accordance with their needs:



SmarterMail allows you to activate professional email accounts, with web space that can be sized according to your needs. The management of the  service takes place through a panel as a result of which it will be possible to manage one’s own mail domain in complete autonomy and ease.

Noteworthy could be the highly advanced webmail with agenda, tasks, notes, address book, file instant and sharing messaging features.

The cost of the SmarterMail service is on usage and starts from 1 Euro per month + VAT for a 5 Gb box.

Kerio Connect Kerio Connect

mailboxes are proposed as a alternative that is valid Microsoft Exchange and cheap ssl certificate uk, utilizing the risk of having the ability to always utilize Outlook as a contact client on your desktop. The email service finalized by Kerio, in fact, provides a connector for Microsoft Outlook (for Windows and Mac) that enables you to definitely synchronize not only electronic mails, but in addition associates, appointments and tasks.

Another distinctive element of the service could be the webmail Kerio Connect, which ranks being among the most advanced level solutions in the marketplace, having the ability to be properly used in place of Outlook or Gmail without making them be sorry for. Note the integration of sharing functions because of which you’ll be able to effortlessly share email, contacts and calendar with a number of peers.

The price of the Kerio Connect solution is on consumption and starts from 3.29 Euros per thirty days + VAT for a 10 Gb box.

Below are a few features typical to both solutions:

the mailboxes are easily “upgradeable” by the consumer in accordance with their area requirements and, in combination, it is always possible to activate the email archiving solution (compliant with eDiscovery specs and GDPR compliant certificate);

The mail servers are configured with the sender identity validation technologies that are latest (such as for instance SPF, Dkim and Dmarc) and also antivirus and antispam protection;

the containers are subject to granular backup with 60-day information retention included in the price, just like the data restore service can also be included in the price in case there is need;

both systems enable you to incorporate Microsoft Outlook in native Exchange mode, to synchronize iPhone and server colocation in ActiveSync mode (synchronization protocol incorporated on Apple iOS smartphones and pills, thanks to which you’ll be able to synchronize calendar, contacts, mail, shared files, accounts shared, etc.), as well as synchronize Android products thanks to the help of the CalDav and CardDav open source protocols;

Finally, it should be noted that both email services enjoy technical support within the start-up phase for data transfer, account creation and any other necessary configuration, as well as the possibility of Try & Buy (the services can be tested before of the purchase in order to verify its correspondence to your needs). CoreTech technicians are also available to customers to assist them in analyzing log files in order to identify any anomalies about errors, antispam, emails sent and received, etc.

  • To learn more
  • CoreTech
  • 02.55230893
  • offer:
  • QBoxMail

Cloud mail server with QBoxMail

QBoxMail offers a cloud service for the professional management of email accounts . It is a  service made for internet agencies plus it companies but, needless to say, it is also available to end customers. Unlike the rest of the businesses evaluated, QBoxMail is a  company specializing exclusively in e-mail as well as the management of email accounts, consequently, is really addressed in detail.

No special technical skills are required to activate the solution except, needless to say, the capability to precisely configure the DNS associated with the domain.

The traits regarding the  solution are extremely many:

possibility to activate most of the bins you will need;

possibility to choose involving the 8 Gb and the 25 Gb cut;

possibility to activate (optionally) the Email Archive service (thanks to which you can keep a copy of all messages sent and received, including those deleted, for a time period of decade and without space limits);

very complete control panel and in Italian;

support of POP, IMAP and personal email hosting SMTP protocols;

all email reports include the SMTP solution for sending as much as 1000 messages per day (with the possibility of expansion);

possibility to produce aliases of domain names and containers;

possibility to create catch-all boxes;

possibility to choose between two different web-mails (Roundcube and SoGo);

shared calendars and target publications, thanks to the support of the CalDAV, CardDAV, ICS XML and Exchange ActiveSync protocols;

capability to create provided folders with other accounts into the domain that is same

  • Antivirus and antispam;
  • Restore and backup(on request);
  • system for migrating mailboxes off their providers;
  • assistance 7/7 via ticket.

The expense of the service is dependant on usage, that is, it’s going to be paid month-to-month on the basis of the number and ability of the activated boxes. The costs are as follows: 1.20 Eu / Month + VAT for the 8 Gb boxes, 2.40 Eu / Month + VAT for the 25 Gb boxes at the time of writing. Finally, the price of the e-mail Archive service is 3.60 Euros / Month + VAT per box.

Of note may be the possibility to try the ongoing solution 100% free for 1 month.

To find out more:

QBoxMail srl

Tel. 0574.026030

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