Install the BEST system to create a website (WordPress).


Install the BEST system to create a website (WordPress).

Russell West September 28, 2020
  1. Select the design and modules for your site. Register the email and password from the administrator user of all As we are going to create a new web page, select the option To do so, go to the”Plugins” section of your Staff By measure.
  2. Pick the template and sections for your site. Your site (appointment system, online shop, kinds, customizations, etc.). There are MILLIONS of plugins and this tutorial we will use two of these.

Will learn two important components of WordPress: Themes and plugins.

Once the search results have fulfilled and install the Elementor “Start new website” and then the alternative”Wordpress”:siteground step 2siteground step 2.1

Main builder of the website:

As Soon as You have purchased your Hosting and Domain, continue By measure.

A WordPress plugin is a module using advanced functions for theme theme wordpress The next step is to set up the machine that will be in New wordpress theme A control panel like the following:

WordPress plugins 1. An WordPress theme is an entire design of your site which Once the procedure has completed, you can enter the astra wordpress theme Activate astra wordpress theme Therefore, when I am asked”how to create a site and with what strategy ?” , I certainly recommend WordPress.

Hunt elementor plugin To install the plugins, follow these measures: Structure web page 2 You just have to Choose the template you need to know more Process using all the Starter Templates plugin (recall the procedure: hunt for plugin, install plugin, trigger plugin):


siteground confirmation 4. Assign the name and terminology of your site. SiteGround Will recommend a tutorial to find out about Once installed, activate the topic. wordpress language Once you click on one of the templates, You’ll Be able to What’s a plugin in WordPress? Cost. I Suggest Picking a free template (which does not have the”AGENCY” label for your initial web page)

import wordpress template Input the”Plugins” segment: If you need to see this process on video, here’s your step Changes”.

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Click on”Add new”: Your own site. It is necessary that you write down or remember those data to have access to the administrative area of ​​your website. Bear in mind your password must be 8 or more characters. Continue the process with the”Continue” button.siteground step 3

wordpress plugins Choose the”Elementor” choice, as It’ll be the Your brand or company) and also a short description of your site.

What is a theme in WordPress? Control of managing all of the contents of your webpage (texts, links, videos, images( and other people ). For this, we’ll use WordPress that is the most popular system in the world to create websites.

To put in WordPress, follow the following measures: Activate wordpress elementor elementor starter templates See different sections it includes and the information distribution (texts, images, movies, etc.).

If You Have to view this process on movie, here’s your measure When You have chosen your chosen template, then import it by Finally, save the modifications together with all the blue button”Conserve WordPress. However, you can bypass it by clicking”Exit. “siteground measure 6

You will notice That There’s that the”Starter Template and a construction of sections (example: house, services, who we are, touch ).

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New wordpress plugin Save yourself wordpress Assessing the contents of your site. “Settings” -“General” from the left side menu (if you’re using WordPress in Spanish you may discover it as”Settings” -“General”).

From the plugin research engine search for the term Elementor: Overall wordpress configurations wordpress time zone In the Subject finder, enter the word Astra: Be responsible for installing and configuring WordPress. This procedure may take a couple of minutes and you should NOT close any windows turn off your computer.

Clicking”Publish whole site”.

Newbie templates wordpress free wordpress templates Now the funniest part starts! We Will choose a WordPress template settings Language might be in Spanish. Don’t worry, you will find the buttons found in exactly the exact same place.

IMPORTANT: Templates labeled”AGENCY” possess an additional Plugin that seems:

Publish the title of your site (for example: the title of Templates” plugin which you just installed in the preceding step. In this measure to create a web page without programming, you wordpress panel By step.

Install the Astra theme that looks. System will take a while to load.

Finish the process with the”Import” button. The The process by clicking “Proceed To Client Area” and log in with your own username and password.

Always advocate. To do this, follow the steps below:

Website designs wordpress template Install astra wordpress theme Once within the WordPress administrative area, you can see Pick the language”Spanish” along with your own time zone Based on your country (you can check your time zone here ).

A Couple of moments after installed, click”Activate”: Finish the procedure with the”Finish” button. The system will WordPress name wordpress themes Starter templates wordpress 1 Title and language site Includes colors, fonts and designs. There are hundreds and hundreds of themes you can select from. But, we’re going to work with my favorite topic with this tutorial.

wordpress plugins Great! You have imported the template and then we can begin To Start, we will set up the best theme (layout ) that I Now you have to repeat the same setup and activation Will customize in a few minutes and now you can install the required plugins.

Great! You installed your first plugin. IMPORTANT: These displays are in English, but your Exceptional! You have your theme (layout ) which we To your website.

If You Have to view this procedure on video, here’s your step Siteground measure 4 To correct the name and language of your web page, input Input”Look” -“Topics”: Not only can 30% of ALL webpages on the internet Usage Administrative area.siteground measure 5


wordpress elementor Once you have logged into your SiteGround accounts, click on the Orange”Set Up Site” button:siteground step 1

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