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Protect your database by Simply changing the prefix of the default tables

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Protect your database by Simply changing the prefix of the default tables

Russell West October 9, 2020

Guard your database by Simply changing the prefix of the default tables

Shield your database
The database is where you store all of the info regarding your WordPress setup.
As you can imagine, it’s extremely sweet for spammers and crackers, who attempt to send automatic codes to get your information.
Many consumers forget to alter the database prefix when installing WordPress.
This also makes it much easier for malicious users to program a huge assault by targeting the default prefix of the database which will be: wp_.
It’s strongly suggested that you alter the default prefix when installing WordPress.
In case you currently have it installed, it is simple to alter the prefix using the Change DB Prefix plugin.
Do not back up the database before making any modifications.
Shield the wp-login.php document
In case you don’t let user registration and accessibility in front of WordPress, then it’s advisable that you protect entry to wp-login.php or just allow access from licensed IPs (in case you join using fixed IPs).
Would you wish to understand how to safeguard it? Within this guide we’ll show you: The way to safeguard the wp-login.php file.
You must only do so if your site visitors don’t have to identify themselves as an individual.
By way of instance, within an online shop you shouldn’t shield the wp-login.php file.
Insert an X-Content-Type header
With this header you may avoid there are users that attempt to impersonate css or js files by executables.
It may be averted with the very simple shift that we describe in this content: X-Content-Type-Options Header to avoid Safety issues.
Install a WordPress safety plugin
Safety plugin for WordPress
These kinds of plugins can allow you to increase safety in various ways. They allow you in protecting access to this government to assessing your WordPress files for malicious code.
There Are Lots of options, for example:
Ithemes Security (previously Better WP Security)
If you would like to understand all the features of Wordfence, then we’ll show you in this article: The way to enhance WordPress safety with Wordfence Security.
Don’t forget to disable the data (wfhits table) in order to not overload your WordPress.
An intriguing option of Wordfence is that the affirmation of fundamental WordPress documents to find out whether they’ve been modified.
Be cautious when configuring these kinds of plugins, since you can block your personal access with these programs.
Before installing any plug in of the sort, create a backup copy. This way you’re able to go back to the previous condition in the event of issues.
Do not go mad with plug in installation!
Remember that installing all of the safety plugins which you find won’t create your WordPress more protected and it might have unexpected behaviors due to having many plugins altering key files to the performance of your WordPress, like the .htaccess file.
Insert an X-Frame-Options header
Adding this pointer will prevent our site from loading at a frame or iframe (frames).
For this, we’ll likewise prevent clickjacking strikes and they won’t have the ability to spoof our site by loading it in an outside site.
Should you let this, your articles could be on a different domain and you might have issues with Google when it believes it replicate content.
You have all the details from the content X-Frame-Options Header to Enhance the safety of Your Site
Insert an X-XSS-Protection header

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By incorporating this header you may boost safety against XSS type strikes. We tell you about this header at the X-XSS-Protection Header to avoid XSS attacks in IE and Chrome.
After incorporating the header, if you do it at the .htaccess document or whether you do it at the functions.php, make certain to verify that your site functions as anticipated.

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Should you see it impacts the performance of your site at all, eliminate the additional code to revert the switch.
Don’t forget to always make a backup copy of these documents you’re likely to edit.
Extra protection via the .htaccess document
Extra protection via the .htaccess document
There Are Numerous formulas with which you can add extra protections through .htaccess
Stop the implementation of.
The uploads directory is generally utilized to store pictures or videos and can at times be exploited by malicious users uploading infected PHP code by using WordPress picture upload programs.
A Fantastic solution would be to add a .htaccess file in the uploads directory, preventing access to php files:

You can also restrict exclusive access to picture files in directories like uploads:

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To stop some malicious code out of attempting to conceal under titles such as xxxxxx.php.jpg, it may also be obstructed by construction:

Consistently redirect mistakes
Redirecting mistakes is a Fantastic practice to avoid displaying info that may give clues to some malicious person:

Deny access to specific tools such as wget, curl, perl, etc..
Even in the event that you display content openly on your site, you might choose to keep them from copying it.
There’s no way to completely protect it, but to make the job harder we can deny access to specific tools so They Can not scan the Net and download articles:
RewriteCond% undefined ^ $ [OR] RewriteCond% undefined ^ (coffee | curl | wget) [NC, OR] RewriteCond% undefined (winhttp | HTTrack | clshttp | archiver | loader | email | crop | infusion | catch | miner) [NC, OR] RewriteCond% undefined (libwww-perl | curl | wget | python | nikto | scan) [NC, OR] RewriteCond% undefined ( |’|% 0A |% 0D |% 27 |% 3C |% 3E |% 00) [NC] RewriteRule.
Prevent SQL injection attacks
WordPress has steps to avoid this kind of assault, but who knows if some of your plugins could have a gap in this aspect?
If this is true, you may use this code to stop some SQL injection attacks.
* (/ * | Union | choose | insert | throw | set | announce | drop | upgrade | md5 | benchmark) [NC, OR] RewriteCond% undefined. . / . . loopback ‘
11. Additional protection via wp-config.php
If You Would like to Stop the WordPress management from changing the document , you can add the next line to the wp-config.php document
define (‘DISALLOW_FILE_EDIT’, true);
When the site is already established and you do not have to include new templates or plugins, You May Also disable the setup of templates and themes by adding:
define (‘DISALLOW_FILE_MODS’, true)